How Does it Work?

Needage is service which allows to you collect and clip the all of things you love and want into your personal online wish lists.

Friends, followers, and fans can send monetary contributions as gifts, and we forward you the cash via PayPal.

Add to your Needs on the go! No need to install an App -- just snap a photo and email it to your personal Needage inbox.

What is a Needs list?

A Needs list is a wish list that you create to keep track of all of the things you want and Need. It looks like this:

How do I add to my Needs lists?

Once you've signed up, you'll have three simple ways to add new Needs and build beautiful, organized wish lists:

  • From your Needs page - Enter a URL and we'll scan the page for suitable items
  • Use the Add Need browser button - Clip pics while browsing on any website
  • On the go - Just snap a pic with your phone and email it to your personal Needage address!
  • How are funds collected?

    After you've shared your Needs list links with friends and followers, they can visit your page and click on any of your needs to make a monetary Contribution.

    Contributors will be forwarded to PayPal to process their Contribution. Needage will collect these funds and when the transaction has been fully approved, your funds will be sent to the PayPal email address specified under the Contributions tab of your Profile.

    All service fees will be automatically subtracted from the Contribution amount you receive.

    If the Contribution turns out to be fraudulent in any way, PayPal will automatically remove the funds from your account, so we highly recommend holding on to the funds for 30 days before they are withdrawn or spent!


    Registration and maintaining a wish list on Needage is completely free.

    Needage also allows you to accept monetary contributions from other users for your Needs. When accepting Contributions on your behalf, Needage charges a service fee of 3.5% for the collection and forwarding of funds to you via PayPal, so you should adjust the costs of your wish list items accordingly. Additionally, PayPal's standard fees (approximately 2.9%) for the transfer of funds between parties apply.

    All fees will be automatically subtracted from the Contribution amount you receive.

    Want a New Feature?

    Needage is a completely new service, and we're always looking for suggestions on how to make it better. If you can think of anything at all that would make the time you spend on Needage any easier, we'd love to know!

    Contact us at any time by writing us at

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